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YARD. A measure of length, containing three feet, or thirty-six inches.

YARD, estates. A piece of land enclosed for the use and accommodation of the inhabitants of a house. In England it is nearly synonymous with backside. (q.v.) 1 Chitty, Pr. 176; 1 T. R. 701.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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1028 in I-8/4, IJP Road measuring 1,155 sq yds received a bid of Rs.
--> in addition the player pages include average receptions, yds (pass, run) and TDs (pass, run) broken out by: all games, home/away, division/non-division, wins/losses, against the top 10 ranked defenses as a group/the middle 11 ranked defenses as a group/the bottom 11 ranked defenses as a group (based on final 2014 rankings), performance after 100+ yd games and performance after a game in which the player scored at least one TD
Charlie Ward, QB Florida State 1993 83.7 264-380, 3,032 yds., 27TD
Tickly Tap, 410 yds, par 4: This dog-leg right has an additional bunker down the left and new ridge on the right to make the drive more testing but again it should be one of the more straightforward holes for the Claret Jug hopefuls.
1 High Heel Sparks (Terry Laventure) 40 yds; 2 Disturbin' (Jason Podmore); 3 Billsgoldnandshake (Stella Havard)
The price of a 500 sq yds new double storey bungalow in 2008 was around Rs25m as compared to its current rate of Rs45m.
YDS was founded by Mr Ruddiman and is run by Jeremy Paterson, formerly of Amazon.
* The sum of our combo and isolation routes must attack each of what we consider to be the three major "Passing Zones." Short: LOS to 7 yds., Medium: (8-17 yds.), and Deep: (18-23 yds.).
Hole 1, 442 yds, par 4 HEART pounding, Price got good drive away, but it fell off elusive fairway.
Stalls Straight Course: Stand side; Round Course: Inside rail; 1m4f: Centre Rails Rail on bend from back straight to home straight dolled out by 2 yds adding 4 yds to races on the round course.
Shop Navy dot (A Blocks, binding) 2 3/8 yds. Cream print (A Blocks) 1 1/4 yds.