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YEOMAN. In the United States this word does not appear to have any very exact meaning. It is usually put as an addition to the names of parties in declarations and indictments. In England it signifies a free man who has land of the value of forty shillings a year. 2 Inst. 668; 2 Dall. 92.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Then Will and a score of yeomen leaped upon the stranger, but though they sprang quickly they found him ready and felt him strike right and left with his stout staff, so that, though he went down with press of numbers, some of them rubbed cracked crowns before he was overcome.
"If ye handle yew bow and apple shaft no better than ye do oaken cudgel, I wot ye are not fit to be called yeomen in my country; but if there be any man here that can shoot a better shaft than I, then will I bethink me of joining with you."
"Aha!" cried he, "mend thou that if thou canst"; while even the yeomen clapped their hands at so fair a shot.
Then all the yeomen leaped to their feet and shouted for joy that their master had shot so well.
For, sooth to say, the yeomen made a brave sight, and in all the court no more gallant men could be found.
"Typically Yeomen of the Guard are appointed after they have completed many years of service in the Regular Army, with a variety of regiments", auctioneers Oliver Pepys says.
The book's subject is the founding and early evolution of the Yeomen of the Guard, and the volume has been given fine production values by I.B.
Beefeater role They were formed in 1485 and are known as Yeomen Warders ?
As a token of this venerability, the yeomen still wear red and gold uniforms of Tudor style.
That, however, is a role Mr Enderby has fulfilled for 22 years as an officer in the Yeomen of the Guard, a body created by Henry VII in 1485 which has guarded the Royal family ever since.
Iolanthe, The Yeomen of the Guard and Patience will be performed by the Carl Rosa Company at the New Theatre in Cardiff.
Robinson identified many of the soldiers who occupied fortified positions up and down the ridge as disgruntled yeomen and parolees from the Vicksburg campaign, pressed into service before an official exchange had occurred.