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To achieve gold, t2 successfully demonstrated that it met all eight of YEUK's Youth Friendly behaviours, including mentoring and providing work experience, hosting career talks, and providing advice on CV writing.
The first encounter is facilitated by Yeuk's father's visit to Ming, who is a matchmaker by profession.
Everyone except Hoi Yeuk, of course, who gets the veteran cynic to accept what is with some kind of grace.
A ban on headscarves imposed for many years on university campuses was only removed in 2010 thanks to a circular sent to university administrations by the Higher Education Board (YEuK).
As Sid says: "There's a canny lot to seek out in Geordieland, tek ahad of this baary yeuk and yee'll dee aalreet!"
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Professor Burhan E[currency]enatalar, a former member of the Higher Education Board (YEuK), has said government officials who turned a blind eye to the activities of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) during peace talks should be brought to trial based on their failure to deal with the PKK's illegal actions.
She admitted eight charges of food hygiene offences; YEUK: A member of staff saws through meat on the floor, the disgusting wash basin and raw fish in dirty water were all found by health inspectors; OH NO: Squalid conditions in the premises and, below, the restaurant
WHEN I first saw purple carrots and green potatoes, I thought - yeuk.
I was told that North Cypriot universities have connections with many African countries and that Cypriot diplomas are indirectly recognized because the Higher Education Board (YEuK) of Turkey approves them.
Yeuk! Poo, pee and perspiration have proved so popular with visitors at a Tyneside science attraction that a stomach-turning exhibition is having its run extended.