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As cars race down the streets, the only thing preventing an accident is a yield sign.
As the yield sign has a safety record as good as the stop sign but gives less delay and a 50 percent higher vehicle discharge, replacing all-way stops with all-way yields will lower road user costs substantially.
Miss Kiely drove through a yield sign and crashed her car when her child wriggled out of its safety harness.
The 17,000 sets involved in the recall consist of a blue plastic police car, a yellow tow truck, a red passenger car, three toy people, two orange traffic cones, a red stop sign, and a yellow yield sign.
Rather than stopping the entry legs onto the roundabout, each has a yield sign that has kept the traffic moving, thereby avoiding delays that tend to frustrate drivers.
A caller reported that a motorist struck a yield sign as she was driving through a roundabout, knocking it down.
Ann Houlihan wanted to change the yield sign at the corner of Hamilton and Orient streets to a stop sign.
As vehicles scream down the boulevard, the only thing preventing a head-on collision is a yield sign.
For example, a stop sign in the slides might be described as a yield sign.
Iowa County Engineer Nick Amelon and office assistant Connie Mertens announced the plans of upgrading the railroad junction which is marked with only a crossbuck and yield sign at the Iowa County Board of Supervisors' Feb.
Instead, there was a yield sign on the Southbridge Road side.
It has replaced a yield sign that used to be on Southbridge Road.