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YORK, STATUTE OF. The name of an English statute, passed 12 Edw. II., Anno Domini 1318, and so called because it was enacted at York. It contains many wise provisions and explanations of former statutes. Barr. on the Stat. 174. There were other statutes made at York in the reign of Edw. III., but they do not bear this name.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Harcourt memorial features a very rare statue of a Yorkist knight in full English armour, which was completed in 1465.
Thus the final revised version of Hardyng's chronicle, circulated as Yorkist propaganda, could have had a seminal influence on Morte Darthur.
In 1457 it was also he who drove through a thoroughgoing (but ill-fated) reconciliation with the Yorkists in the form of the 'Loveday' held at St Paul's Cathedral in 1458, a formal peacemaking between the victors of the First Battle of St Albans of May 1455 and the heirs of their victims.
Because few in the Lancastrian Tudor court, unlike their Yorkist predecessors, had any direct knowledge of Ireland and Irish ways, little was understood about its geography, economy, culture, politics (Anglo-Irish or Gaelic Irish), and to what degree Ireland might be a compatible neighbor.
The 62-year-old "history buff" said walking past the Yorkist king's remains had seemed "unreal".
MARKET RASEN: 1.30 Arthur's Oak, 2.00 Yorkist, 2.30 Joanne One, 3.00 Firth Of The Clyde, 3.30 Plum Pudidng, 4.00 Trozulon.
MARKETS RASEN: 1.30 Arthur's Oak, 2.00 Yorkist, 2.30 Taigan, 3.00 Firth Of The Clyde, 3.30 Peachey Moment, 4.00 Trozulon.
The group wants the last Yorkist king's remains to be re-interred in York Minster as they believe that was the monarch's wish.
I was delighted to read of the tradition that Yorkist leaders killed at the 1487 battle of Stoke were buried with green willow staves driven through their hearts and that the Countess of Salisbury wore a little barrel charm on a bracelet in memory of her father, the Duke of Clarence, who was drowned in a vat of Malmsey wine
"Lancastrian troops decided to call a Parliament for Coventry, planning to ambush and seize all of their Yorkist enemies when they arrived," explained English Heritage manager Andrea Fox.
To make any sense of events, she must also discuss at some length the Lancastrians, the Yorkist rivals in what is now known as the War of the Roses.