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The growth rate of additions to the BIZ and INFO zone files has slowed from approximately 1,500 to 1,000 names per day.
The zone file contraction, reported in an analyst note to Wall Street without full context, caused VeriSign's stock to tumble by 12% in Tuesday's trading.
The Internet's root zone file contains approximately 248 top level domains (or zones) - including .
Several new features -- exclusive to F5 Networks -- make 3DNS particularly unique in the market, including: (1) F5's patent pending Dynamic Ratio algorithm, which enhances 3DNS' ability to make more intelligent load balancing decisions; and (2) 3DNS' ability to load balance SSL traffic across multiple sites; and (3) the addition of NameSurfer(TM), which simplifies DNS zone file management by serving as a "spellchecker" for DNS.
Demand from China that all aircraft traversing the new zone file flight plans and identification details, have been rejected by Japan, South Korea and the United States.
is to send a request for a large DNS zone file with the source IP address
ENUM transforms a telephone number into a domain name which allows the number to be entered into the root zone file of the authoritative registry database.