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It has become increasingly popular in recent years, with talent shows such as The X Factor challenging singers to perform a cappella.
Its members have been singing four-part harmony a cappella since 1945.
Pitch Perfect 2," the latest movie to celebrate college-level a cappella competition, is based on a 2008 book written by Mickey Rapkin under the same name.
A cappella is music without instrumental accompaniment.
Maddeningly adorable and sing-along-ingly addictive, it's not hard to see why a cappella has made inroads into popular culture.
The show is 50 per cent a cappella, 50 per cent acoustic.
The most significant fact about a cappella music is that it ensures a stronger platform for musicians to develop.
We take other people's songs and turn it into our own a cappella style.
The biggest challenge is overcoming people's perception that an a cappella group sings only barbershop or doo-wop harmony, said member Dave Guist.
So was Manuel Soler's a cappella showcase of footwork, finger-snaps, clapping, and percussive cajon accompaniment.
All the first gospel music, quartet music, and civil rights movement music were a cappella.
Dubbs - a recipient of the 2009 Alexander Capelluto Award - that difference will be achieved by expanding the platform for under-served creative, talented students to hone a cappella music skills (or vocal harmonization without instrumental accompaniment) through public school-run programs.