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In a ranking system, A Cappella groups have competed at seven nationally acclaimed competitions which took place during the academic year.
A cappella group VOCES8 will be giving a concert at St Asaph Cathedral as part of the North Wales International Music Festival
It's extremely rare for an original a cappella album to make it all the way to the top of the (Billboard) charts, but it did,' Trace said of the Pentanonix which, like The Filharmonic, was an alum of the reality talent search 'The Sing-Off.'
Other recent highlights include a tour across America and Asia, with performances at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella final in New York and the Hong Kong International A Cappella Festival.
oFF patisserie in horns for " Originally used in religious circles, a cappella (Italian for "in the manner of the chapel") is music performed by a group or solo singer without an instrumental accompaniment.
Creative producer Nic Doodson said: "At the moment a cappella is enjoying its time in the public spotlight with movies such as Pitch Perfect and groups like Pentatonix and The Magnets highlighting how great the style can be.
Members of the university's three a cappella groups - Divisi (women), On the Rocks (men) and Mind the Gap (coed) - taught the basics of a cappella, provided information about college-level singing, practiced group and individual songs, and, at the end of the day, included the students in part of Mind the Gap and Divisi's performance.
The past few years have seen America swoon over the catchy croons and melodious mix-ups that make up modern a cappella. From the film Pitch Perfect to the show The Sing-Off to the rise of the five-member group The Pentatonix (which won season three of The Sing Off), media are abuzz over the increasingly popular singing form.
A truly eclectic mix of Futureheads' favourites will be dished up, according to the lads, with everything from Beginning of the Twist - which has become synonymous with the stadium since being selected as Sunderland FC's run-out music - to more recent a cappella tracks from their latest album, Rant.
The Voices Festival, organised by Sense of Sound and running from Friday to Sunday, is billed as a celebration of a cappella (that's unaccompanied) singing.
However, another approach to music is just as powerful, and that is a cappella music.
LIVERPOOL hosts a three-day celebration of a cappella singing next month.