A Fortiori

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A Fortiori

[Latin, With stronger reason.] This phrase is used in logic to denote an argument to the effect that because one ascertained fact exists, therefore another which is included in it or analogous to it and is less improbable, unusual, or surprising must also exist.

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a fortiori

(pronounced ah-for-she-ory) prep. Latin for "with even stronger reason," which applies to a situation in which if one thing is true then it can be inferred that a second thing is even more certainly true. Thus, if Abel is too young to serve as administrator, then his younger brother Cain certainly is too young.

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Forrest argues that, in the case of the tournaments, the spectacular elements like the morris contributed to, rather than distracted from, the combat; similarly, as the watch was primarily martial, "a fortiori...
"In a message addressed to a group of pilgrims of the Faith and Light Association, who came to Rome in 1975 for the Holy Year, Paul VI wrote that attention to handicapped persons is `the most important test of a fully human family, of a truly civilized society, a fortiori of a Church that is authentically Christian.'
A fortiori, the mathematical structure of the inner "explicatio" of God is essential to the understanding of nature's unfolding and corresponds to the innate conceptual tools of the reflecting subject.