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After a little while, Granma tole me say, "Granpa, Granma say you don't know nothing 'bout playing cards.
A lot of guys seem to be getting into a little lull at the same time," A's manager Bob Geren said.
You had the opportunity to be a little more liberal with the press in the old days because everything was a little more liberal -- society was more liberal.
I think what's really helped John is when he's not quite as locked in and maybe a little erratic, where there is a walk or two more in a game,'' Scioscia said.
When it was going a little rough, we didn't change.
I'm glad it's starting to pay off a little bit more.
I was able to use a little bit more of the plate than usual, and they hit some balls hard at people.
He capped out at 96 pitches, and the last 30 were a little better than the first 60.
Modesto's) a good ballclub, and their pitching was a little better than ours in this series and they deserved to win, but I was proud of our guys the way they battled.
Sometimes, however, windows of opportunity are forced open a little while longer.