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Oh, he drank a little bit every Satiddy night, but so did yo' Granpa and all the mens around here.
NOVEMBER The first couple months of the school year may have been a little iffy for you, Twin, but you're getting into a groove.
I wanted to keep my pitch count down and get a little deeper into the game," Harden said.
You had the opportunity to be a little more liberal with the press in the old days because everything was a little more liberal -- society was more liberal.
If (rest) helps me and helps my knee bounce back a little more maybe it will be good for it,'' he said.
He's just being a little aggressive at the plate trying to hit home runs and trying to knock down the right-field wall.
I felt the strike zone was a little liberal down but not liberal in the width," Scioscia said.
I think what's really helped John is when he's not quite as locked in and maybe a little erratic, where there is a walk or two more in a game,'' Scioscia said.
When it was going a little rough, we didn't change.
I'm glad it's starting to pay off a little bit more.
I was able to use a little bit more of the plate than usual, and they hit some balls hard at people.
He capped out at 96 pitches, and the last 30 were a little better than the first 60.