ab origine

See: ab initio
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This was topped by the school motto: Ab origine fides, faith from the beginning: believe in yourself, and followed by a photo montage depicting a year full of achievement.
Among his various world premieres of concertos with orchestra, the first performance in 2009 of the concerto Ab Origine by Salvador Brotons is of particular significance.
Oriental and aborigine usually make us think first of Chinese in the East and Red Indians in the West; but both words have a common Latin source in oriri, to rise or arise; the sun rises in the east, the aborigines of America are where they arose in the west; they were there from the beginning (ab origine).
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Sus actos son una continua mimesis de un acto inicial que se encuentra en un ab origine del mundo, es la reactualizacion de un mito ..."
"We had Yugoslavs, Germans, a few English and Scots, three Aussies and an Ab origine in our squad.
Luigi Bonaffini); "L'angelo delle corde" (Luigi Fabio Mastropietro); "Labirinto d'acqua" (Gianna Piano); "Il cerchio della sfinge" (Giusi Maria Reale); "Narcosintesi" (Pier Paolo Giannubilo); "Ab origine" (Stefano Calzi).
No one doubts (Roscioni, at least, certainly does not) that our author must indeed have felt (ab origine, hence his 'negative birth' myth) 'loin du regard de Dieu'.