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I shall begin ab ovo. At the last meeting some of our esteemed colleagues asserted that I do not conduct myself in an appropriate manner during medical consultations, and consequently they called me to account.
The Latin poet and critic Horace has pointed out the immediate interest created by this opening in contrast to beginning the story ab ovo ("from the egg").
Meals often began with eggs - hence the expression ab ovo usque ad mala (Hor.
new Soviet world was not reborn ab ovo the day Gorbachev became General Secretary, and sneers at my remark about Brezhnev's "golden age" for the Soviet working class are silly, as I'm sure many of the promoters of perestroika in the Soviet Union would readily acknowledge.
Quintiq will work with IT consultants Ab Ovo and DB Schenker Rail s in-house IT department to implement the platform, increasing profitability as well as lowering costs and wastage.