abandoned child

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The appeal of the abandoned child Flora to the sympathies of the Fynes had been irresistible.
Bessie supplied the hiatus by a homily of an hour's length, in which she proved beyond a doubt that I was the most wicked and abandoned child ever reared under a roof.
'We are now preparing the documents for possible turnover of the abandoned child to our center in Koronadal City,' Gaviola said.
ABANDONED CHILD A neighbour, Ms Martha Wairimu, said the child's mother rented the room last month, left the home three weeks ago and has not returned.
The turning point came when the couple found an abandoned child left at a distance from their home, compelling them to build an orphanage by the name of 'Yosoda Orphan Ashram', along with a board outside stating that children should not be abandoned.
Although the poet's observations here sound quite sarcastic, but such candid sarcasm can frankly be applied to the current state of Pakistan hockey that has been reduced to an abandoned child nobody is ready to look after.
"That's just a blip in my life, really" Sir Cliff Richard dismissing the abandoned child sex investigation "It would just be the most bizarre thing imaginable" Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston on US president Donald Trump "Theresa May sounded really positive when we met her.
That's just a blip in my life - Sir Cliff Richard dismissing the abandoned child sex investigation.
Couples who want to become guardians pf an abandoned child are reviewed by child protection centre committees.
The former F1 boss and owner of Queen's Park Rangers said she's not an "abandoned child" as he agreed with Heidi the singer should raise his daughter.
by HASSAN SHABAN Al LAWATI/hassan@timesofoman.com REJIMON K/reji@timesofoman.com Abandoned child's mother is a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country woman, Oman TV reported quoting police.
TIME Director Paul King took inspiration for |Paddington from one of his favourite films The Kid, Facts which stars Charlie Chaplin as a man who takes in an abandoned child.