abandoned infant

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1998 national estimates of the number of border babies, abandoned infants, and discarded infants.
Hsia discusses the baptism of abandoned infants in some detail--a chapter that can be read as a cautionary tale foreshadowing subsequent Christian history in China.
For a number of years the bassinet remained, quietly receiving abandoned infants.
For example, because of this link to the birth family's income, abandoned infants for whom state agencies are unable to identify parents are not ever eligible for federal foster care support.
It adds a different dimension to the usual inquiry about abandoned infants, which usually involve women.
National and state data on the number of abandoned infants are practically nonexistent.
Reauthorization efforts are underway for the Abandoned Infants Act, which funds services for HIV-affected and -infected children.
Known only as babies Fraser, Scott, Libby, Angus and Christine, these abandoned infants had the nation wringing its hands in grief and concern.
Increasingly, it sought to baptize abandoned infants, thus saving their souls.
Stories that help round out July Guideposts include: the man who's kept Lady Liberty's torch burning for 30 years, how a young girl's dream of going to Africa brought Africa to her, rescuing a hiker trapped on the dangerous cliffs of the Na Pali coast, how a daughter's innocent faith helped her mother get back on track after a difficult divorce, the founder of Garden of Angels who provides a caring final resting place for deceased abandoned infants, a relief aide worker's determination to help a refugee family in Darfur, how lucky an adopted dog named Lucky proved to be for an Arizona family of three, and much more.
According to the government records, of the dozen abandoned infants, only one was a boy.
Abandoned infants may arrive crying or softly still.