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The new building is four storeys over abasement, with a roof top plant room and an exterior envelope in aluminium, limestone and glass.
Beijing's behaviour and Mr Cameron's abasement leave a very nasty taste in the mouth.
Surely none with an ounce of conscience will stay and stomach abasement.
Keith O'Brien has not gone quite that far - but his personal abasement is even more soul-wrenching.
We might think of these moments as ones of aheroic abasement, as opposed to his heroic endurance out in the realm of monsters and sorceresses, or his heroic forbearance when he goes among the suitors unrecognized; and there are different emotional responses associated with them.
Yes, a significant portion of the public believes it is an act of abasement on the part of the government to meet with the PKK leader.
Kennedy's ticket, then suffers the further abasement of being vice president in an administration that despises and pities him.
"Our country has recently seen some dangerous phenomena, like calls to kill one another, desecrations of the Koran and holy sites, the abasement of the national flag," he said at the opening of a debate on the security situation in Tunisia.
Pastoureau (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, France) traces pagan veneration of the bear from the Paleolithic to the feudal era, describes the Christian-motivated war on both bears and bear-worship that began under Charlemagne, and considers the abasement of the bear into circus amusement and stuffed animals for children.
For those of us who chafe at Johns emphasis on the "exaltation" and "glorification" of Jesus on the cross, fearing a gilding of the cross rather than a grappling with the mystery of Jesus' abasement and sense of God-abandonment in his cruel, criminals execution as depicted in Matthew and Mark, Smiths perspective rescues John from the charge of articulating a "theology of glory" rather than a genuine "theology of the cross." For, as Smith testifies: "In this story at the climax of John's gospel, I hear Thomas saying loudly and clearly, 'I will not confess as 'my Lord and my God' anyone, even one who has been seen as resurrected and glorified, if that one does not have wounds ...
They are invariably fine young men within the classical tradition and if they leave Paradise displaying varying degrees of abasement, none does so with the overt joie-de-vivre of Adam.
Holland Type EPPS Scales Realistic Order, Endurance Investigative Achievement, Autonomy Artistic Intraception, Abasement Social Affiliation, Nurturance Enterprising Achievement, Exhibition, Dominance Conventional Deference, Order, Endurance The author concluded that although the resemblance offered by qualified judges and those presented by Holland appear to be somewhat limited, the overall canonical analysis of the two sets of variables for the entire sample reinforced the idea that the two psychological domains of personality and vocational interests are related (Bailey, 1971).