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The old soldier looked as abashed as a child interrupted in his game of make-believe.
It was strange to see that the good shrank not from the wicked, nor were the sinners abashed by the saints.
Then everybody laughed and jeered at her; and she was so abashed, that she wished herself a thousand feet deep in the earth.
The people even like me as I go about, and make so much of me that I am quite abashed.
I was not so easily abashed as I had been some years earlier.
Of course their modesty was not fated to be long- lived, but for a moment they were abashed.
She never was abashed and is not abashed now, so she cannot be a bad woman
But she had been reading so recently about the darling of my youth that she halted abashed at last, feeling, I apprehend, a stop in her mind against proposing this thing to me, who, in those presumptuous days, had thought to be content with nothing less than the loveliest lady in all the land.
At this the Witch turned to glare upon him so horribly that the Tin Woodman shrank back abashed.
Well,' answered she, no whit abashed, 'I know I COULD clear a five-barred gate, if I tried, and papa WILL say I may hunt, and mamma WILL order the habit when I ask it.
Rosa, however, was by no means abashed, having vowed in her heart, in pursuing her cause, not to allow herself to be put down either by refusal, or abuse, or even brutality.
Nothing abashed him, nor was he appalled by the display and culture and power around him.