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The aggrieved private person or public official shall be liable for damages for extrajudicially abating the nuisance if: (a) he causes unnecessary injury; or (b) the alleged nuisance is later declared by the courts to be not a real nuisance.
0 percent, favoring neither landlords nor tenants, our leasing activity is just as buoyant as ever and shows no sign of abating," added Mr.
First-time buyers are being priced out of the housing market by rocketing prices which show no sign of abating.
To be sure, weakness in demand shows signs of abating, but those signs are preliminary and tentative.
For abating interest, the Service must have contacted the taxpayer about the deficiency and no significant aspect of any error or delay can be attributable to the taxpayer or a related party (as defined in Sec.
Furthermore, assuming there are First Amendment associational interests implicated by the criminal street gang injunction, such interests arguably are outweighed by the compelling interests of the government in abating the ongoing nuisance created by the gang's conduct.