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ABBREVIATION, practice. The omission of some words or letters in writing; as when fieri facias is written fi. fa.
     2. In writing contracts it is the better practice to make no abbreviations; but in recognizances, and many other contracts, they are used; as John Doe tent to prosecute, &c. Richard Roe tent to appear, &c. when the recognizances are used, they are drawn out in extenso. See 4 Ca. & P. 61; S.C.19E.C.L.R.268; 9 Co.48.

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R e c i p e s i n c l u d e pumpkin pie and garlic chicken and lentil soup, with abbrev i a t i o n s such as "s+p" (salt and pepper) and "tst" (toasted) included to keep down the letter count.
The second part of this trial found that glucosamine and chondroitin did not slow cartilage loss in osteoarthritis patients, abbrev.
and David Morice's presidential puns in WW92-171, here's abbrev history of the western world in the form of more or less homophonic puns or phonetic charades on famous names.