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sup][7] The DMF application can be in an abbreviated format with a prerequisite of the API approval from the countries recognized by the health authority of Taiwan, based on the reliability of these countries in performing the evaluation of quality, safety, and efficacy for medicinal products.
We sorted that little blunder out later that evening over an abbreviated round of laughter.
Additional features of the Emax Link metal-enclosed abbreviated switchgear include:
An abbreviated dial code is a simple mobile solution that provides marketers and advertisers with a quick and easy way of delivering an engaging experience to the mobile consumer, regardless of the consumer's device or carrier.
While I can see that some companies might want to hide certain key figures from their competitors, suppliers, customers and, perhaps, their employees, any business which is doing well should avoid the temptation to file abbreviated accounts.
This can be abbreviated to gov't in headlines as a last resort, but it is preferable to list the specific agency, such as SEC or IRS.
If you opt for an abbreviated menu, you have two further options: Either the full menu will drop down a few seconds after the abbreviated menu opens or it will drop down only if you click on the double arrows at the bottom of the menu.
Peck: What are some of the characteristics of the abbreviated survey?
Abbreviated accounts allow small companies to publish their financial results without disclosing commercially-sensitive information.
We can help students (re-) capture the power and wonder of the novel by simultaneously involving them in numerous explications of text and in a mode of scholarship seldom seen today--a present state of studies--that needs merely to focus in an abbreviated manner on one of the most fundamental aspects of the genre, the one in which it is written: time.
The 2002 Abbreviated Guide to Medical Management of HIV Infection, by John G.