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A spokesman for the Irish bookmaker said it normally only gets one or two bets a year on the Queen abdicating.
A spokesman for the Irish bookmaker said it normally only got "one or two bets" a year on the Queen abdicating.
But it is Padilla who offered to work with Hahn to find spending cuts to pay for more police, and Hahn who is abdicating his leadership by seeking a taxpayer bailout for his own failures during the past four years.
It is yet another example of the law abdicating its responsibilities to law-abiding citizens, with criminals getting nothing more than a slap on the wrist, no matter how serious the offence.
Juliana reigned for 32 years until abdicating in favour of her daughter, Queen Beatrix, in 1980.
Juliana, who reigned for more than three decades before abdicating, died just before 6am yesterday at the age of 94.
In The Last Intellectuals (Basic Books, 1987), he recounted how the radicals of the 1960s had turned into the professors of the 1980s, conquering academe but, at the same time, enclosing themselves within its walls and abdicating politics and public life to the right.
By over-focusing on efficient response within the supply chain, many supply chain executives may have fallen into the trap of abdicating responsibility for the business as a whole.
This is a familiar debate in Los Angeles, and usually leads to local authorities ultimately abdicating their responsibilities to Washington by way of consent decree.
The mother of a Birmingham troublemaker was criticised in court yesterday for abdicating her responsibility to bring him up.
This session will tackle the role IT should play in collecting information and how to delegate without abdicating control.
The king said he had been considering abdicating since his January birthday and his son will "open a new era of hope combining his experience and the drive of a new generation".