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study: prevention of postoperative abdominal adhesions by icodextrin 4% solution after laparotomy for adhesive small bowel obstruction.
PregLem said it plans to initiate a clinical proof of concept study and a Phase II study during 2011 for the prevention of post-surgical abdominal adhesions and/or endometriosis in patients with tubal ligation or comparable effective contraception.
Gangestad became aware of the unusual amount and density of the patient's abdominal adhesions prior to making the uterine incision.
4) Secondary volvuli are more common than primary and are typically attributed to a diaphragmatic abnormality, a hiatal hernia, a lung resection, or abdominal adhesions.
Celiotomy findings showed very dense upper abdominal adhesions with the duodenum exiting through the hiatus.
More than 85 percent of rescued bears suffer abdominal adhesions that bind organs to one another and to the abdominal wall, says Kati Loeffier, the veterinarian at the foundation's sanctuary in Chengdu.