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A written document that records the essential provisions of a contract of insurance and temporarily protects the insured until an insurance company has investigated the risks to be covered, or until a formal policy is issued.

A receipt for cash or for a check that is deposited by a prospective buyer with the seller to secure the right to purchase real estate at terms that have been agreed upon by both buyer and seller.

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n. a written statement of the key terms of an agreement, in particular insurance policies, so that the insured as well as lenders can be assured there is valid and adequate insurance coverage. (See: insurance)

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We have used abdominal binder as an anti-shock device to reverse shock and decrease bleeding among women with moderate and severe obstetric haemorrhage and hypovolemic shock due to uterine atony.
These external supports could be used in addition to transversus abdominis muscle exercises, but evidence is lacking about their use in the management of DRAM and further research is required.18 Combined effect of Noble's exercise and abdominal binders has received little attention, thus, the purpose of this study was to highlight the efficacy of therapeutic exercise in the reduction of diastasis recti.
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They found the use of a corset or abdominal binder had no effect in the supine position, but in the sitting position increased maximum flow but had no effect on cough volume.
The Dale[R] Abdominal Binder is a fully adjustable post-operative support made from an all-elastic material which allows total circumferential compression and lets the clinician control the pressure being applied to the abdomen.
Most exercises are performed in the wheelchair; use an elastic abdominal binder as needed.
The Dale[R] Abdominal Binder is an adjustable post-operative support made from a stretch material that evenly distributes compression to brace abdominal muscles, encourage mobility and promote muscle redevelopment.