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The purpose of the present investigation was to determine the effects on spine kinetics of wearing a weight training belt alone, wearing one with a rigid abdominal pad, or wearing a supportive elastic binder.
Flow rate at 5ml/hr,Catheter Mount Standard size,Disposable spatulas for oral cavity examination,Sterile Transparent film dressing 10x12 cm ,TED antiembolic stockings knee length medium regular,TED antiembolic stockings knee length Large regular,Drape laparotomy, sterile, disposable - consists of re-inforced mayo stand cover 120cm%/140cm, utility drape four pieces 75%/50 cm, transverse drape 200%/150 cm, head end curtain 200%/150 cm, hole sheet 300%/150 cm.,Ioban 30x30cm(polythene, transparent, beta dine coated),Radio opaque, abdominal pad unsterile, size-15 cms x 15 cms,Radio opaque, gauze, unsterile, size-10 cms x 10 cms
Tenders are invited for Supply of x-ray detectable abdominal pad b.

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