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Ensure all staff who care for patients are trained regularly on emergency first aid for choking victims, including proper use of abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver) (Table 2).
Back slaps and abdominal thrusts can be used - or sometimes thrusts on the lower breastbone instead - but always be gentle.
I did abdominal thrusts and eventually it worked and mum could breathe again.
Since then the medical community has determined that back blows, abdominal thrusts, and chest compressions are equally effective treatments for choking and that a combination of more than one method can be more effective.
If that doesn't dislodge what's stuck, place the thumb side of your fist against the middle of the abdomen, just above the navel; grab that fist with the other hand and give five quick, hard but separate abdominal thrusts inward and upward toward the stomach.
The real world need for the abdominal thrusts learned during a makeup class came at home on Super Bowl Sunday.
Call 999 and continue giving bursts of backslaps and abdominal thrusts until help arrives.
Repeat the abdominal thrusts up to 5 times if necessary.
After an unsuccessful attempt at the Heimlich maneuver, Officer Gray laid the now unconscious man on the floor and continued abdominal thrusts until the object became dislodged.
With your child still in your arms, you perform a few abdominal thrusts that expel the water from his lungs.