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The act of restraining another through the use or threat of Deadly Force or through fraudulent persuasion. The requisite restraint generally requires that the abductor intend to prevent the liberation of the abductee. Some states require that the abductee be a minor or that the abductor intend to subject the abductee to prostitution or illicit sexual activity.




n. the criminal taking away a person by persuasion (convincing someone--particularly a minor or a woman he/she is better off leaving with the persuader), by fraud (telling the person he/she is needed, or that the mother or father wants him/her to come with the abductor), or by open force or violence. Originally abduction applied only to protect women and children as victims. Currently in most states it can also apply to an adult male. In fact, in some states like New York abduction meant the unlawful taking or detention of any female for purposes of "marriage, concubinage or prostitution." Kidnapping is more limited, requiring force, threat of force of an adult or the taking of children. (See: kidnapping)


noun child-stealing, impressment, overmastering, raptus, ravishment, shanghaiing, spiriting away, subjugation, taking away
See also: taking


the wrongful taking away (usually by force) of a person. In respect of the taking away of a girl under the age of 16, it is a statutory offence. The problem of separated parents removing children from one country to another is now regulated in many states by international conventions which require that the child should normally be returned to his or her country of habitual residence unless there is a grave risk of physical or psychological harm or an otherwise intolerable situation.

ABDUCTION, crim. law. The carrying away of any person by force or fraud. This is a misdemeanor punishable by indictment. 1 East, P.C. 458; 1 Russell, 569. The civil remedies are recaption, (q.v.) 3 Inst. 134; Hal. Anal. 46; 3 Bl. Com 4; by writ of habeas corpus; and an action of trespass, Fitz. N. B. 89; 3 Bl. Com 139, n. 27; Roscoe, Cr. Ev. 193.

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The International Parental Child Abduction Month should serve as a reminder for our government to find ways to better assist parents in bringing abducted children home where they legally and rightfully belong.
This study was a case series of SA to SS single nerve transfer operations to achieve shoulder abduction for closed brachial plexus injury (BPI), conducted at Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi.
We have been involved in a number of incoming cases of international child abduction in recent years, which in itself is a feat, as often cases are submitted to solicitors firms already appointed to the panel.
Senior High Court judges have previously called for the maximum term for child abduction to be reviewed and raised concerns over cases in which parents abducted children and took them abroad.
Superintendent Tim Bacon said: "The figures relating to the number of child abductions and kidnappings may seem alarming but they must put into context.
CHILD abductions and kidnappings in the West Midlands ran at double the national average last year, worrying new statistics revealed.
This melted the memory blocks instilled by the aliens during the abductions and exposed traumatic experiences that were buried deep within her subconscious.
Answering a question Sarfraz Bugti said though allegations are levelled on influential people for their involvement in cases of abduction for ransom but no clear proof has so far been received yet.
It's natural to conduct a thorough investigation if there's even the slightest possibility" of a connection to North Korea's abductions, Ota said at a news conference.
Regarding Iijima's trip, which raised eyebrows in Washington and Seoul, economic revitalization minister Akira Amari said in an NHK talk show that Japan will take the initiative in resolving the abduction issue.
It is simply not true, as the resolution states, that an abduction always "deprives the child of a relationship with two loving parents," or that the U.
North Korea "fully understands" Japan's interest in including the abduction issue on the agenda of the talks, the official was quoted as saying.