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Unlike the Perry Project, which presented a single year of a cognitively oriented curriculum to children aged 3 and 4, the Abecedarian Project lasted from infancy through age 5.
Finally, it compares the relative cost-effectiveness of SFA and three other initiatives (Perry Preschool, the Abecedarian Project, and the Tennessee class-size experiment).
These programs include four well-known "model programs" (High/Scope Perry Preschool Project, the Carolina Abecedarian Project, the Chicago Child-Parent Centers, and the New York State Experimental Prekindergarten program) and the federal Head Start program, as well as state programs in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Texas.
Supporting research includes Head Start, Perry Pre-School, and the Abecedarian Projects.
We recently had an open reading period, and one of the manuscripts we selected is A Survival Guide for Life in the Ruins, an abecedarian set of flash nonfiction pieces co-written by the American author Nicole Walker and the Australian writer David Carlin, a funny-sad set of essays about the Anthropocene--all that we are losing and how to cope with that loss.
Longitudinal evaluations of several international programs that provided children at-risk with high-quality ECEC services (for example, Abecedarian, HighScope Perry Preschool, Chicago Child Parent Centers), indicated that they produced long-lasting positive effects across a range of academic, health and wellbeing measures (Perez-Johnson & Maynard, 2007).
Because his anthropomorphic animals are so expressive and playful, McDonnell, a Caldecott Honor-winning artist, makes this abecedarian book fast paced and high energy--even without using text.
The book opens with an abecedarian centring on Duch (pp.
For example, an economic analysis of two similar early childhood interventions for socioeconomically disadvantaged children, Carolina Abecedarian Project and the Carolina Approach to Responsive Education, identified a 7.
In the study called the Carolina Abecedarian Project, involving 122 children who were recruited in the 1970s and tracked until they were in their 30s by a group headed by Dr.
Preventive education for high-risk children: Cognitive consequences of the Carolina Abecedarian Project.