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We focus here on the mutual constitution of ideas of race and abnormality, ecological knowledge, and the biophysical world to argue that conservation science, as it developed in the 20th century, is fundamentally rooted in these racialized notions of evolutionary fitness that separate biological advantage from aberrance.
Based on previous problem statements, this study, thus, aims at examining the quality of a teacher-made test on fractions and decimals and diagnosing students' related misconceptions through a classroom-based cognitive diagnostic model of the BW aberrance indices family.
The primary output from a multiple outbreak detection system is likely to be a ranking of aberrances in decreasing order of the statistical evidence underpinning them.
As institutional "gatekeepers," medical authorities analyzed the scope of physical aberrance to confirm the level of risk to the organization.
What I am suggesting here is that our interpretation of Faulkner beyond the US has to be diversified on both sides of the intercultural enquiry: if attentiveness to Faulkner's borderlands (geographical, cultural, stylistic, psychological) and the divided identity and conceptual aberrance of the American South are interpretative necessities, as suggested by Richard Gray, Barbara Ladd, and others, then the same dynamics should pertain to our interpretation of cultural contexts into which Faulkner's work has been translated.
Those around him share the same psychological aberrance - which is why the Kadima Party is such an assembly of corrupt incompetents and misfits.
Despite the seeming aberrance of such a principle within contract
In the modern, post-Enlightenment era war came to be regarded as an aberrance in liberal societies, "something utterly repugnant and futile, indeed, incomprehensible to the point of absurdity" (662).
In any other business, the police would probably have become involved, but this sort of thing seems to be shrugged off in Parliament as if it is just a minor aberrance.
To return to Butler's terminology, these forms of sexual aberrance are the "constitutive outside" in which nonnormative gender identities--those that stand outside of patriarchal authority or that do not neatly align with the binaries of gender--become threatening.
Functioning a little like Disney's sanitized surfaces, the gallery context almost tempers the work's aberrance via its seamless edges and squeaky-clean corners.