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The table demonstrates the highly nuanced understanding of the "risks" associated with physical aberrance that fraternal insurers had employed by the end of the 19th century through the application of medical science and social attitudes.
While New Zealand concepts of national identity diverge significantly from the American self envisaged by Emerson and Thoreau, a similar ambivalence characterizes the use of disability in representing New Zealand identity as simultaneously a crippling conformity and a distinctive and valuable aberrance.
poems both Ginsberg and Sexton assert that it is their very aberrance,
Gilman shows how black female sexuality was constructed as deviant in 19th-century biological sciences by paying close attention to South African Sarah Baartman, also known as the Venus Hottentot, an icon of black female sexual aberrance and primitivism.
The communal aspect of performance, and of African culture in general, does have a latent sinister side: individual aberrance is not tolerated.
The aberrance depends on the azimuthal ([psi]) angle being stronger for higher angle values.
The second two names (slave-driver, emperor) imply not only a psychological but a social aberrance which it would be dangerous for her or others to resist.
Aberrance in Science: Should behavior analysts know about psychological behaviorism?
the less extreme outliers mask the aberrance of the most extreme (and vice versa).
In accordance with the thesis of this paper stated previously, this delinquent achievement orientation should be correctly viewed as an interpretation of achievement on the part of the Latino gang member that is placed within a contextual "no-man's land" of society, a perspective by which the aberrance of abnormal achievement as interpreted by mainstream society has become the standard to meet among Latino gang members, as in the case of academic failure in this population.
This means that explanations of aberrance, such as found in L.