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Ifthe aberrant subclavian artery is located behind the esophagus (80%), the patient may present with dysphagia to solids or liquids.
The aberrant right subclavian artery (arteria lusoria): The morphological and clinical aspects of one of the most important variations--A systematic study of 141 reports.
Surgery for aortic dissection involving an aberrant right subclavian artery.
The COMM--originally designed to detect recent aberrant drug-related behaviors in pain center patients--was validated by a cross-sectional study involving 238 primary care patients who had been prescribed an opioid within the previous (1) (2) months.
These can be called as apical aberrant / extra-hilar branches.
Figure 1e: DSA images in arterial and venous phases confirm the origin of the aberrant artery, in addition to the normal pulmonary arterial supply, to the left lower lobe from the lower descending thoracic aorta and venous drainage into the left atrium via inferior pulmonary vein.
Undiagnosed aberrant bile ducts are a common cause of bile duct injury.
In addition, the aberrant chord was tethering the A2 segment to the atrial septum, which severely restricted its movement and resulted in an even more severe mitral regurgitation.
Detecting aberrant learning achievements: The Learning Caution Indexes, based on person-fit statistics, can effectively detect aberrant learning patterns in a statistically way.
When interleukin-3 binds to CD123 on an aberrant cell, the linkup tilts the cell's path toward proliferation, ultimately causing acute myeloid leukemia.
Moreover, the data shows a high percentage of subjects that abuse opioids or other substances also engage in specific aberrant drug behaviors, such as sedating oneself, using opioids for nonpain reasons, increasing doses without authorization, and having felt intoxicated when using opioids.