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Caption: Figure 7: Funnel plot of included studies: aberrantly expressed lncRNAs related to disease-free survival in gastrointestinal cancer patients.
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Caption: Figure 1: miR-31 was aberrantly downregulated in gastric cancer and cell lines.
Therefore, our results suggested that the levels of aberrantly expressed miRNAs varied in retinal cells concomitantly with DR development.
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CDX1 and CDX2 are aberrantly expressed in intestinal metaplasia.
The researchers also discovered that the quality and stability of the embryonic stem cells were compromised when the set of genes was aberrantly switched on.
Thus, the GLAD-PCR analysis allows identifying aberrantly methylated RCGY sites of gene regulatory regions in tumor tissues and cell line SW837.
"You have to think about not just treating the tumor, but also whether the environment is still aberrantly regulated." With that in mind, the new findings highlight a possible route for improving cancer treatment someday.