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The feat was performed thanks to an image-enhancing technology known as aberration correction.
In the TOPAS implementation of FPPF there are a wide variety of possible aberration functions available within the package and these can put together to suit a particular diffractometer design and in terms of parameters that are relevant to the instrument.
We go one step further to build the capability of dynamically correcting for aberrations such as astigmatism and image shift, which the human eye cannot naturally do.
Corneal topography and cornea aberration measurement results were obtained from the database of the Placido-based NIDEK Magellan Mapper (NIDEK Technologies Sri, Padova-Italy) topography system.
But after Martin urged his younger self from 1987 to be more attentive to Clarissa, a time aberration was created, and that aberration is Lily herself.
Allow me to introduce the boogeyman of scope manufacturers everywhere: aberration.
Evaluation of herbicide glyphosate effects in the fish Prochilodus lineatus using chromosome aberration test.
In addition, the frequency of chromosomal aberrations is increased, including chromosome bridges and laggard chromosomes and leads to partition-bundle division (a novel type of chromosomal aberration, in which chromosomes at the transition from anaphase to telophase of mitosis are divided into three, four or six bundles) (Rong et al.
The vision, corneal spherical aberration (SphA) and Coma were recorded before LASIK and at 6 month and 4 year after LASIK.
27 correctly pointed out-the long dark night of martial law and Martial law would always be a total, monstrous aberration from democracy-why have the dictator's decrees not been repealed?
It was observed that with the three disparate doses of heptaplatin significantly high levels of chromosomal aberration were seen in animals in the initial 24 h, compared to the normal group but these gradually reduced after 48 and 72 h.
Wave front aberration error may be defined as the deviation of the actual wave front from the perfect ideal wave front in the plane of the eye's exit pupil.