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To encourage or incite another to commit a crime. This word is usually applied to aiding in the commission of a crime. To abet another to commit a murder is to command, procure, counsel, encourage, induce, or assist. To facilitate the commission of a crime, promote its accomplishment, or help in advancing or bringing it about.

In relation to charge of aiding and abetting, term includes knowledge of the perpetrator's wrongful purpose, and encouragement, promotion or counsel of another in the commission of the criminal offense.

A French word, abeter—to bait or excite an animal.

For example, the manager of a jewelry store fails to turn on the store's silent alarm on the night she knows her cousin plans to rob the store. Her conduct is that of abetting the Robbery. If, however, she merely forgot to turn on the alarm, she would not have abetted the crime.

The word abet is most commonly used as part of the comprehensive phrase aid and abet.


v. to help someone commit a crime, including helping them escape from police or plan the crime. (See: aid and abet)


verb adiuvare, advance, advocate, afford aid, aid, arouse, assist, back, contribute, cooperate with, embolden, encourage, endorse, facilitate, foment, foster, furnish aid, goad, help, incite, instigate, nourish, nurture, prompt, serve, spur, stimulate, succor, supply aid, support, urge
Associated concepts: accessory, accomplice, aid and abet, facilitation
See also: aid, assist, bear, conduce, conspire, contribute, countenance, enable, espouse, foment, foster, help, maintain, organize, promote, subsidize, support, sustain



TO ABET, crim. law. To encourage or set another on to commit a crime. This word is always taken in a bad sense. To abet another to commit a murder, is to command, procure, or counsel him to commit it. Old Nat. Brev 21; Col Litt. 475.

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This correlation was anything but accidental and reflected the fact that the Fascist squads were aided and abetted by local agrarian elites and their bureaucratic allies in those areas where their traditional economic and political power had been most seriously eroded.
In reversing the Hearing Panel's dismissal of the allegations that Perles and Geller had aided and abetted a manipulation, however, the NAC found that aiding and abetting a manipulation violated NASD rules that prohibit fraud and require adherence to "high standards of commercial honor and just and equitable principles of trade.
Seth Hamot, the managing partner of Costa Brava, said that "Costa Brava is pleased that there now has been a public finding by an impartial jury that Goodman aided and abetted a breach of fiduciary duty by Telos and its directors.
Amtrak was begun, in part, to escape previous mismanagement that was abetted by the government.
Put the two cases together, and the public sees a City Hall system - abetted by Hahn - that is rigged for the powerful to get what they want.
The indictment charges that, during the period from August, 1989 to December, 1990, Connors participated in a scheme to defraud the Bank of Boston (the "Bank") with Paula DeWolf ("DeWolf"), a former employee of the Bank, aided and abetted DeWolf in the misapplication of Bank funds and received loans with intent to defraud the Bank.
The lawsuit seeks to hold those businesses that aided and abetted human rights violations by the apartheid regime responsible for the wrongs they made possible.
Neal said Keating couldn't have abetted any crime since there was no evidence the bond sellers considered themselves to have been committing crimes.
The complaint also alleges that Collegiate knowingly aided and abetted these breaches of fiduciary duty in order to obtain control of SSG.
The lawsuit, brought against the Drummond Company, alleges that officials of Drummond both aided and abetted the paramilitary forces that murdered Locarno, Orcasita and Soler and conspired with those forces to carry out these murders.
The lawsuit, brought against the Drummond Company, alleges that officials of Drummond aided and abetted the paramilitary forces that murdered Locarno, Orcasita and Soler, and conspired with these forces to carry out these murders.
The complaint seeks to hold those institutions, which the suit claims aided and abetted the apartheid regime, responsible.