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Second, Musharraf in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army, by adopting unconstitutional means, abrogated, subverted / suspended/held in abeyance the constitution by issuing the Proclamation, hence committing the offence of high treason as defined in Article 6 of the constitution.
The planning committee is being recommended to allow the AH provision to be placed in abeyance for three years.
Article 6 of the constitution says any person who abrogates, subverts, suspends or holds in abeyance the constitution of Pakistan by use of force or any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason, an offence punishable by death or life imprisonment.
Attached are the abatement and abeyance motions sent to City Council members on Wed.
Some of the flights cancelled on June 9, eight days after a Chilean volcano started erupting , has still been held in abeyance due to ash cloud created by the volcanic eruption.
A Uwic spokeswoman said: "With the news that the Uwic board of governors have agreed that there is a prima facie case for Uwic to become part of a new University of Wales, and that it is envisaged that Uwic will become the University of Wales in Cardiff, still known as Uwic, the application to the Privy Council for change of name to Cardiff Metropolitan University has been put in abeyance.
The Parliament has since approved 11 resignations, leaving the remaining seven in abeyance for two months.
Schweitzer, who said he would hold the suit in abeyance until the Legislature adjourns next year to give them time to address the parts of the bill he claims are unconstitutional, now wants to take the matter straight to the Supreme Court.
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If the coalition Government were holding the work in abeyance so that our finances could be brought into balance I would understand what was happening, but what I see from the Education Secretary is vandalism with the claim that it was necessary on account of a profligate previous Labour administration.
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Sometimes the disputes are not resolved at all and are conveniently left in abeyance.