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The novel's main character, Phillip Dosier, an all-American farm boy, adapts to the war zone by bonding with his fellow men, the most influential of whom are shown to be racist, sexist, and abhorrently violent against the indigenous females.
But this law would present a danger to the rest of us because of Florida's abhorrently low standards,'' said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
One cannot but shudder at the abhorrently unhygienic conditions that led to the death of these women and the utterly irresponsible manner in which the operations were performed.
I AM writing this in response to the provocative and offensive statement by David Freud that some disabled workers could be paid less than the minimum wage, which is abhorrently discriminatory and regressive in its entirety.
The current constitution also does not abhorrently conflict with establishing free market policies, which is what Egypt must maintain to achieve economic growth.
The imprisonment of the nation's most abhorrently stupid father prompted both media and government to further divide the nation on welfare issues.
The forfeiture of existence without due process is so abhorrently unknown to the history of our law, that to make any legal argument one must seek refuge in the nearest possible analogy, which is the forfeiture of property.
Calling on Goldman Sachs to cease accepting payments from Russia, the human rights group said, 'Goldman Sachs has a reputation for knowing global finance, but it has behaved abhorrently when it comes to human rights and assessing investment risk in Russia.
The grumpy vice-principal whose toad-like visage was one of the few Roger ever found abhorrently ugly--suddenly he felt glad to see him and told him so.
This would certainly not be a reason for secrecy unless the family had an abhorrently high regard for magical (that is, racial) purity.
We're talking footballers, TV stars, entertainers and actors making their name by selling one wholesome image to you lot and then acting abhorrently once the cameras are turned.