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nature abhors the politicians the empty ignorance speculation, pleading and fantasy.
Since sinabi niyo naman na hindi na kayo member na and since you are now a member of the Cabinet, do you abhor violence as a means to show dissent against the duly-constituted authority?
In a statement, Ministry of External Affairs has pointed out that, "As a state party to the Chemical Weapons Convention Sri Lanka abhors the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons, and has advocated their complete destruction and elimination globally.
Summary: Nature, a Greek fellow named Aristotle is once said to have observed, abhors a vacuum.
And I'm confident God abhors it," the Guardian quoted Mourdock, as saying.
terrorism was combating militancy, adding, Pakistan condemns and abhors all
Our electoral system abhors weak coalition governments.
The Birmingham Mail abhors the idea that the sick should struggle to find money so they can park their cars when they are in hospital.
The idea of cemeteries being used as dog toilets abhors me to the core.
Furcal, who has started all but five of the Dodgers' games this season and appeared in all but two, abhors taking days off.
While He is all merciful, He abhors obstinate public disobedience: the history of the Hebrews in the Old Testament proves He acts.
Nature abhors a vacuum and the Smithsons helpfully expanded to fill it.