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Abidance occurs when the subject is about to learn or do something.
Corporate social responsibility starts from abidance by the laws and regulations especially those related to labor rights and maintaining environment and community development," al-Salmi concluded.
In a statement by Jaffari's office, both sides confirmed abidance by the constitutional time-table, the selection of the coming premier and the formation of then coming government.
First: Directing the concerned authorities in the states and the localities all over Sudan to enable the political parties to practice their political work in and outside their headquarters without constraints, other than the abidance by laws.
CEO Adel Al-Munifi said, "With total production reaching a record quantity of 500,000 metric tons (MT), exceeding the plant's design capacity of 450,000 MTA, the 2013 sales value surpassed $915 million in comparison to $667 during 2012, all of which are positive results stemming from growing global demand for SM with a decrease in supplies, absolute abidance by relevant environment, health and safety (EH&S) regulations, in addition to proper management of financial expenses while launching several critical initiatives by the company.
Bulgaria has an enormous interest to deepen cooperation with the institution that is in charge with the abidance by common EU rules and is a guarantee of the success of the European model of integration," stressed the Bulgarian President.
He said the new directive is in abidance by the provisions of the constitution, valid laws and the principles of transparency and fairness that will govern the Jan.
He said abidance of law is necessary whatever consequences it might carry.
The Prime Minister said the government increased the capacity of the Interior Ministry and the State National Security Service and tasked them to maintain order and abidance by the laws in the country.
In the joint operation, the CBC is focusing on the percentage of housing loans and risk management, while the FSC on credit-extension policy, credit-extension management, consumer protection, and legal abidance.
During the talks, the envoy stressed the UN's abidance by continuing negotiations, with the aim of resolving the crisis, the agency added.
The audit came in 3 parts, assessing the housing authority's finances, abidance with federal regulations and internal controls.