abide by

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I will work in harmony with the political parties there, abide by the Constitution and perform my duty honestly," Prasad told ANI.
Chebib's office issued a statement calling on all "bars, restaurants, amusement parks, cafes and nightclubs within Beirut to abide by the contents of the joint decision by the Tourism and Interior ministries.
Drivers should maintain a safe distance between vehicles, abide by speed limits and remain focused on the road to avoid dangerous traffic accidents," said a traffic officer.
As for what position, I will abide by the Nacionalista Party)
They should abide by police guidance and instructions which were written in brochures and to be careful when they go for camping and taking the precautionary measures while selecting the best place to camp.
The Spanish government, while being committed to defending the rights of its nationals abroad, reiterates the need to abide by the law in force," the Spanish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
The ministry, in a release, invited wholesalers and retailers as well as importers operating in the sales of "this strategic product to strictly abide by the margin limits determined in the new regulation.
Asim has said that ministry of petroleum would abide by the Supreme Courts ruling over carbon tax.
abide by : to accept the terms of : obey <She was forced to abide by the rules.
The law abiding majority not only do not abide by the law they also do not believe in the value of laws and rules, shrugging them off in pursuit of their interests and desires.
Jodi Rell and the Connecticut legislature, the New London Development Corporation has apparently decided not to abide by a moratorium called for by both the Governor and legislature.
What we've heard from a lot of businesses is that these are standards that many of them abide by already.