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Third, law-abiding behaviors in an environment of law violation may place law abiders at risk.
Unlike most laws, which at least provide abiders with a clear idea of what is permissible, the double effect rule is so ambiguous that doctors can interpret it a number of ways depending on their ethical, moral, and religious views.
So-called animal lovers walk their dogs and let them drop their muck anywhere, with no intention of lifting it, just leaving it for the decent, law abiders to clear away.
He is a talented musician - recently touring with his band The Abiders - a photographer, painter, potter and occasional vintner.
The BEST OF STAGECOACH 2013 features an impressive lineup that includes Dwight Yoakam, Lonestar, Phil Vassar, Jeff Bridges and the Abiders, Thompson Square, Florida Georgia Line and GRAMMY Award-winning "Wagon Wheel" crooner Darius Rucker.
premise that police can distinguish between law abiders and law breakers
289, 294 (1983) ("Penalties may fall on law abiders, and thus there is less reason to obey the law and abjure the gains of crime.
we law abiders - it's yet another distressing imposition on our liberty.
However, law abiders in high-crime communities can hope to
451, 460-61 (1997) (noting that corruption can endanger the use of economic choices, increase the costs of transactions, reduce state revenue, increase public expenditures, penalize law abiders, and produce adverse distributional effect).
In other words, according to this local ordinance, the city of Los Angeles does not recognize any legal distinction between law abiders and law violators when it comes to immigration, and the U.