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But I'll not promise to abide by his opinion, Anne.
I can't abide new places mysen: things is allays awk'ard,--narrow-wheeled waggins, belike, and the stiles all another sort, an' oat-cake i' some places, tow'rt th' head o' the Floss, there.
Abide will receive an upfront payment and is eligible for additional milestones based on successful development.
But if the Finns are right, if Luther intended justification to mean the Christian's actual participation in the very being and reality of Jesus Christ, and thereby of God, in such a way that human sinfulness is taken entirely into Jesus and divine life poured without reserve into the finite creature, then surely Jesus truly intended for us to abide in him and he in us.
A priest is under the direction of the bishop and abides by the regulations of the diocese.