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Law Abiding Citizen out now to buy on Blu-Ray (rrp pounds 24.
The 300 actor stared in and produced Law Abiding Citizen, which also features Jamie Foxx.
By exercising the spiritual gift of abiding, gracefully or begrudgingly, patience has slowly begun to take hold in me.
This mutual abiding means a transformed life: the Way that he is, the life he pours through our veins through faith.
Unfortunately there is quite a big growing brigade of us previously law abiding citizens all feeling disgruntled and cheated.
Later, Hadrian would discover a new star in the firmament and name it after his dead beloved, a star that continues to shine today in witness to the abiding purity of their attachment.
He said: "Like Glenda Jackson and Ken Livingstone, I agreed that I would abide by the outcome, I am abiding by the outcome, Glenda is abiding by the outcome and I think that Ken will as well.
For instance, according to a widely circulated pamphlet by the National Coalition to Ban Handguns (now going by the more innocuous name Coalition to Stop Gun Violence), "Most murders are committed by previously law abiding citizens.
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Summary: Gerard Butler stars and produces new blockbuster thriller Law Abiding Citizen.