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Though much reduced from the Athens related in the play, as it prospers under Theseus, the real postwar Athens may be understood here as abidingly blessed with the power of cultural valorization, because Oedipus, as an object of that power, reciprocates by committing himself, in perpetuity, to Athenian soil.
Bigelow was abidingly diplomatic backstage, despite reporters repeatedly trying to coax her to dish about him.
But the former tough guy mayor of Sofia has in recent months promoted a legion of women, heralding what some are calling a sexual revolution in the politics of this abidingly macho Balkan country.
Nevertheless, what is abidingly significant is the influence that the "father of the Reformation" had upon one of Anabaptism's most significant theologians.
Taking issue with the abidingly anticommunist slant of most scholarship on the red-black connection, Miller ably documents not just the effectiveness of the ILD defense but also its widespread influence on popular opinion, which largely rejected the NAACP's reformism and red-baiting.
The eye of the believer in his experience of saving history alights first on the man Jesus of Nazareth, and on him in his fully human reality, in his death, in the absolute powerless[ness] and in the abidingly definitive state which his reality and his fate have been brought to by God, something which we call his Resurrection, his glorification, his sitting at the right hand of the Father.
The history of those practices, and the abidingly strange rigid liquidity of glass itself, get a full hearing; among the book's consistent pleasures is its mastery of craft-language (like the euphonious "roundels of crown glass" [158] observed in a Durer engraving).
He shrugs when the term comes up in reference to the abidingly serene feeling the house evokes.
Jackie, anyway, is an abidingly iconic figure, though the woman herself doesn't appear in Dexter Dalwood's large painting Jackie Onassis, which is instead devoted to the imagined interior of her bedroom on the luxury yacht of her second husband, the millionaire shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.
While certainly not within shouting distance of "The Black Stallion," the boy-and-beast film by which all others must be judged, the locations (Scotland and New Zealand) are abidingly pleasant, and the period setting is subtly and convincingly evoked.
There is, however, a considerable difference between recognizing the excesses of masculinity, or identifying specific areas in which males have poorer outcomes (females also have poorer outcomes in many areas compared to males) and making totalizing claims about adolescent males as though they are abidingly victims of a widespread crisis.
Though understanding the art through and through, he was always ill-disposed towards rhetoric (like Socrates) and would be abidingly unsettled by his own rhetorical mastery.