ability to distinguish

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When asked about their own ability to distinguish fact from opinion in news reporting, most Americans are confident but not overly so.
ability to distinguish which base station, is being tracked simultaneously.
Extremely high doses of cocoa flavanols may improve older people's ability to distinguish one complex pattern from another--or at least so says a study partially funded by the chocolate company Mars Inc.
Researchers have identified diagnostic microRNA panels in whole blood that have the ability to distinguish, to some degree, patients with and without pancreatic cancer, according to a study recently published in JAMA.
The delusions and other psychotic symptoms experienced by people with schizophrenia may be caused by a faulty brain 'switch' that blurs their ability to distinguish inner thoughts from objective reality, scientists said.
Eventually, I developed the same ability to distinguish between skulls as I do between faces.
Yet, you seem to lack the ability to distinguish between that in your argument rendering your rant - well, just a rant
While Little Black Lies does not go beyond suggesting we should always try to communicate honestly, it invites readers to advance their ability to distinguish self-delusion from ecological fact.
The lenses filter out bands of light that interfere with the ability to distinguish various shades of red and green.
The authors, in a blinded trial, tested 23 volunteer healthcare workers on their ability to distinguish between the odours of amitraz, organophosphate and distilled water; 83% were able to distinguish between these odours.
He asked for the ability to distinguish between right and wrong in order to govern well.
HD voice improves voice quality by capturing a broader range of audible speech, improving the ability to distinguish a caller's voice from background noise.