ability to endure

See: tolerance
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Outfielder Torii Hunter suggested having to endure the death of a teammate strengthened the Angels' ability to endure another heavy moment.
According to the company, the advantages of SSD technology include the ability to endure extreme shock and vibration, fast access times, silent operation and low power consumption.
In the end, it was his ability to endure which carried Gomez comfortably to victory.
The foundational mission of Baxter to save and sustain lives is at the center of the company s ability to endure, serving the needs of healthcare providers and patients for more than 80 years, said Almeida.
Sometimes I think it's better to toil away gaining credibility and notoriety as you go, rather than being blown out there without the experience or ability to endure.
Nanofibers have advantages over nanoparticles, including perfect resistance to severe thermal shock, higher ability to endure dynamic load, and higher fracture toughness.
failures, bred, not for fragrance, but their ability to endure.
Russians can probably live with a declining economy -- their ability to endure suffering is part of the Russian national identity -- but this course seems likely to produce a Russia that's ever more lawless, unsteady and prone to violence, internally and externally.
But the new governor, with the humility and determination appropriate for the occasion, can convey confidence in Oregon's ability to endure and prosper.
We have the ability to endure low oil prices over the medium term," Finance Minister Ibrahim Alassaf told Saudi television after the announcement.
We are a people with an exceptional ability to endure, but the most painful thing is the feeling that you are living in an oppressive world and no one is taking your side,'' al-Shawa said.
Saleh warned that any delay in ending the debt burden on Sudanese citizens is worse than justifying it, and that the cost to the poor is heavier than their ability to endure it.