ability to know

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Our new brand image reflects our 140-year history of local decision-making and personal service, as well as our ability to know our customers, be forward-looking and embrace the future of banking,' said Gregory Dufour, president and chief executive officer of Camden National Bank.
Joe has an uncanny ability to know when people are telling the truth and to know what they really mean by the things that they say.
In a blog post, Microsoft GC Brad Smith laid out a number of reasons for following ISO/IEC 27018: allowing customers to control their data; giving customers the ability to know what's happening with their data; providing strong security protection for their data; not using data for advertising; and informing customers about government access to data.
The ability to know precisely how qualifications from one occupation may transfer to another is invaluable," said Mr.
This award, along with the recognition we received from The Banker last year, proves that an innovative data analytics system gives a business the ability to know more about the fraud threats it faces and so prevent fraud happening in the first place.
All we are seeking is a commitment to provide a service equal to sighted passengers - the ability to know where they are, and when to get off.
Paul has decided that he would most love to be able to fly just to get away from the motorways and if pushed I would go for the ability to know what my other half is thinking, just imagine the fun to be had with that
It was rather my instinct, my skills, the ability to know the sea and suddenly change direction," he added.
Our ability to know and understand changes in Russia's nuclear arsenal will erode without the treaty.
Lawson says the secret to Howard's continued success with the Mariners was his ability to know when it was time to shake-up his squad despite any loyalties he may have felt for players who had served him well.
The retreat by Iran applies to monitoring and inspection at Natanz, where the IAEA has said Iranian restrictions hamper its ability to know exactly what is going on at the enrichment site.
All eggs ought to be free range, but until they are, this proposal would restrict consumers' ability to know what they are buying.