ability to know

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These were concealed sites and we have intelligence and the ability to know everything that is going on there and yesterday we proved that.
What's also interesting is that young children up to the age of two have good appetite control and only eat what they need, but older children lose this ability to know when they're full.
Joe has an uncanny ability to know when people are telling the truth and to know what they really mean by the things that they say.
In addition, the project aims to increase individuals ability to know and claim their rights and have access to a remedy for their grievances as well as strengthen institutional capacities to better address the needs of people notably the marginalized and disadvantaged.
Also, the Vehicle device is easy to attach to most any type of vehicle and delivers the ability to know that your vehicle is where it is supposed to be, when it is supposed to be there, the company added.
With her remarkable ability to know what will work as a musical experiment, we're lucky Kiran Ahluwalia abandoned her original plan to work as a bond trader and dedicated herself to music full time.
Our ability to know and understand changes in Russia's nuclear arsenal will erode without the treaty.
The retreat by Iran applies to monitoring and inspection at Natanz, where the IAEA has said Iranian restrictions hamper its ability to know exactly what is going on at the enrichment site.
All eggs ought to be free range, but until they are, this proposal would restrict consumers' ability to know what they are buying.
4 : exceptional ability to know or believe what should happen or be done in the future <a leader with vision>
In this collection, which begins as she is married and ends as she is dying, we read of her concerns for John Wesley's peace of mind, her substantial finances, and her ability to know which candlesticks were at which chapel awaiting the new preacher.
Having the ability to know how different subgroups of students are performing is a tool that has helped school districts look at their own performance," says Mary Kusler, assistant director of government relations.