ability to pursue

See: tenacity
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We are confident that our tenants will also be well-served by our ability to pursue our business strategy as a private company and by the resources and experience that DRA possesses.
The Higher Education Assistance Act of 1965 (HEA), which was amended in 1991, put a 10-year time limit on the government's ability to pursue unpaid loans.
The strength of the novel is in the believable recreation of life in Elizabethan England, with the religious tensions between Catholics and Protestants and with the limits on a young woman's ability to pursue her creative talents--even with Queen Elizabeth the head of the country.
They provide the public with comprehensive information about the FOMC's decisions and deliberative process, and they enhance the Federal Reserve's ability to pursue the nation's objectives of economic growth and price stability.
Studying the life cycle of professional women, the authors propose that the real sign of a women's success and authority is responsiveness to her intuitive "Authentic Voice Within" and her ability to pursue goals without waiting for the patriarchal approving pat on the head from the corporation.
With more capital and increased liquidity, OEFs will have the ability to pursue investments in major U.