ability to reason

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Unlike the Turing Test, standardized tests such as the one in the Kaggle competition provide us with a way to measure a machine's current ability to reason about basic scientific concepts, understand questions, and to compare its abilities with that of a human," said Peter Clark, leader of the Aristo Project.
For the philosophers, the issue is, "how do we function as a self-governing society if our ability to reason is stunted by our devaluing of thoughtful, articulate arguments?
Such a vision led to the launch in January 2013 of GHOST (Generic, Highly-Organic Shape-Changing Interfaces), an EU-supported research project designed to tap humans' ability to reason about and manipulate physical objects through the interfaces of computers and mobile devices.
It seems plausible that once our ability to reason and reflect has developed sufficiently enough to enable us to understand that strangers can suffer and enjoy life just as we can, then at least some of us would act altruistically toward strangers, too.
Our improved ability to reason abstractly may also be the result of the spread of scientific thinking--reason, rationality, empiricism, skepticism.
Whether you're working in the kitchen or the laboratory, Watson's ability to reason and learn can help humans arrive at new discoveries.
Additionally, people with dementia are likely to lose their ability to reason clearly and may find making decisions very hard.
Domestic abuse is defined to include physical, psychological, sexual, or emotional abuse, including efforts to control, isolate, humiliate, and intimidate, or to undermine the victim's ability to reason independently, and all facts and circumstances are considered in determining whether an individual is abused.
We can lose the ability to reason about personal and societal problems.
This includes intellectual abilities, such as your child's ability to reason, remember, and understand.
They obviously pay her not for her ability to reason, but for the capacity to raise her supporters' blood pressure and the incapacity to be embarrassed by writing nonsense like this email.
Secondly, and perhaps the most important trend of all, is the ability to reason over all that digitised information with vast amounts of capability, such as machine learning in real-time, and to really take all that insight you get by reasoning over that data, and improve what you can do as humans, he adds.