ability to tolerate

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Dermagenetics(R) (Skin-health) Panel - The GeneLink Dermagenetics skin-health panel is designed to identify variations in key genes related to skin aging, wrinkling and overall skin health; it specifically measures gene-snps associated with collagen breakdown, photo-aging, oxidative stress, skin irritation and the skin's ability to tolerate environmental pollutants.
After a non-intrusive swabbing of the inner lining of the cheek, the Dermagenetics(R) lab measures genetic propensity for collagen breakdown; photo aging; wrinkling; skin aging; their skin's ability to tolerate environment pollutants; and overall skin health.
Physicians and patients know that adherence is crucial to treatment success, and by reducing the number of pills a patient must take each day and improving a patient's ability to tolerate therapy, adherence may be improved," said Dr.
It also includes the ability to tolerate usage styles that can cause higher operating temperatures and exposure to mechanical shock, vibration and other stresses.
With the INVOS system, the surgeon is able to assess the patient's ability to tolerate such fluctuations and, if needed, the surgeon can intervene and greatly reduce the chance of inadequate cerebral blood flow.
Network Computing set up a challenging network environment to evaluate products for their ability to tolerate network latency deviation, packet reordering, and packet duplication.
We could transfer a gene linked to this tolerance for dry conditions to a common plant, such as lettuce or rice, to give that plant the ability to tolerate drought," she said.
Our bodies are different and our ability to tolerate different drugs also vary.
It is possible to have a beautiful garden near the street if plants are chosen for their ability to tolerate road salt.
Work on your ability to tolerate uncertainty: It's natural to want to feel in control so trying to predict the future and ruminating over worst case scenarios can seem like good strategies for dealing with life's uncertainties.
In the study, 61 students had MRI scans taken of their brains after filling out a survey designed to measure their ability to tolerate the uncertainty of future negative events.