ability to withstand

See: tolerance
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Mangroves trees, Known for their ability to withstand high salinity, purify sea water, stabilize coastal soils, and form an ecosystem for coastal marine organisms, were growing on Kuwait's shores during the 1940s, but were extinct because of logging.(end) sk.nhq
are said to provide greater low-temperature flexibility than standard PVC and enhanced ability to withstand repeated flexure over a long working life.
The 31-year-old Belingon said he was still looking for an opening to score a stoppage but the Baguio City native commended Fernandes for his ability to withstand his punches.
Features include a 2D imager for bar code scanning at high speeds with ultra-fast motion tolerance; 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth for reliable access to voice and data applications; an IP-67 sealing for protection from extreme temperatures and the ability to withstand 5-foot drops to concrete.
The idea behind Paris is to garner global financial support for crumbling infrastructure amid concern about the country's ability to withstand further external shocks.
He also hailed Bahrain's economic strides which bolstered its ability to withstand challenges confidently.
Marzouki said Qatar was on the right side and the whole world supported it and trusted its ability to withstand the crisis, stressing that the Arab people sympathise with Qatar and the vast majority of countries, particularly African ones, was on Qatar's side.
Vice Chairman of Qatar Chamber Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Towar said that gold has proven its ability to withstand fluctuations and crises that face investors around the world, whether it was wars or economic and political crisis.
* The ability to withstand external pressures up to 7,500 psi in excess of 1 million hours mean time between failure, when encased in special alloys.
The ratios measure banks' ability to withstand future losses from bad loans.
UV 15X-6NM-2 features an elongation exceeding 200%, which contributes to its ability to withstand rigorous thermal cycling and mechanical shocks, according to the company.