ability to withstand

See: tolerance
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The ability to withstand temperatures up to 1,000[degrees]C.
The Rio+20 summit will discuss the institutional framework of sustainable development in countries of the world, "green economy", poverty control, the ability to withstand catastrophes, as [.
The ability to withstand more than 1,000 Steam Cycles at 132[degrees]C (270[degrees]F) with 50 ppm Morpholine without cracking, crazing rupture or any significant loss of properties.
Summary: Rabat - The fundamentals of Morocco's economy "remained stable in 2009, attesting to greater ability to withstand external shocks," despite poor international conditions, says the African Development Bank (ADB) in a report on the economic outlook in Africa for 2010.
Summary: Du, the integrated telecommunications company, has entered profitability and achieved a net profit in the second year after startup, strengthening its ability to withstand current market swings.
2 : the ability to withstand the force or effect of <resistance to disease>
The EE25 drive can withstand operating temperatures between -30 to 85 degrees C, with the ability to withstand vibration interruptions.
Known for its ability to withstand both extreme low and high temperatures and maintain excellent physical properties and compression set resistance, the Zetpol 4300 Series is suitable for seals, gaskets, hoses and diaphragms in the automotive, oil and aerospace industries, according to the manufacturer.
An Indian company has come up with a high-barrier PET blend that reportedly can produce monolayer beer bottles with shelf life of three to six months and ability to withstand tunnel pasteurization.
The trackers use special structural engineering methods to maximize their ability to withstand even catastrophic weather conditions.
Durability, ease of operation and energy-economy, ability to withstand stress and vandalism and problem-free maintenance were paramount.