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When, for instance, is an abject subject's action exemplary of a new strategy for achieving radical goals and when does it reproduce liberalist abjection?
Johnny Russell is upended as Scotland make slow headway along the road to redemption by following up their abject 3-0 defeat in Kazakhstan with an uninspiring 2-0 victory over San Marino in yesterday's Euro 2020 qualifier.
The Nazis killed 250,000 disabled people while the Tories, according to a study published in BMJ Open, have killed 120,000 disabled people, whilst subjecting the rest to abject poverty, starvation, threats and intimidation.
Every player was abject. The defeat Newcastle That the Steve Peters psychology route of coaxing players to find their innerchimp had run its course and it was time to find out what an old-fashioned kick up the jacksey felt like.
Mabayani, a Tsamaya native and product of abject poverty shared his life journey from humble beginnings to being a successful businessman.
Chapter 2, "Abyeccion y asco: Bakakai," examines the psychological aspects of the abject, specifically disgust, in Gombrowicz's first works of short fiction by looking at such topics as "taste" and "distaste" (employing Bourdieu's critical lens), physical and psychological purity and impurity, and "virginity" and feminine transgression.
DAVID Mellor - a former Home Office minister - told the Leveson Inquiry that police investigations into phone hacking had been an "abject failure".
What is the despicable and what is abject? Despicable: contemptible, despised, sleazy, grovelling, worthless, wretched, snotty, slavish, menial, picayune.
How many abject Everton performances have their supporters been subjected to this season?
who, I ask you, would agree to call himself abject, subject of or subject to abjection?" Julia Kristeva (1982: 209)
in Lebanon by Iranian leader Mahmud Ahmadinejad were "abject" and were to be
The experienced duo have effectively been banned from representing their country at international level as a result of "infighting", which the PCB believes was partly responsible for the team's abject showing on their recent tour to Australia.