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He added: "When his wife died, he found himself for the first time in control of his own finances as well as Mrs McKenzie's and he abjectly failed at that.
What the report has abjectly failed to do is probe the real reason for the war against and the toppling of Saddam Hussein - the 9/11 attack on New York and Washington.
ECHO reader Andy Healy wrote on our Facebook page: "I've never seen such an abjectly poor design.
Nurses began the strike in a bid to pressure government to recognise their qualifications as university degrees and increase their pay scale -- a demand the state abjectly refused saying it would cost more than e1/430m.
How do we match these contradictions: that we are self-sufficient in food grains, that many are abjectly poor?
He wasn't good enough a thespian to make up for that turn-off twist-so, even if his character abjectly repented in the end, it was ultimately for naught.
I can still recall literally peeing my pants as I was described "as a pathetic run over cat" - a very accurate description of my abjectly cringing state - and being made to account for my sloth.
Given widespread disaffection, distrust and sense of betrayal that foreigners can already make English law in Brussels, it is abjectly stupid to grant them further influence by allowing them to take part in Westminster elections.
Lahore -- The track record of Punjab government of walking the talk has been abjectly poor whether it is the control of load shedding of electricity, providing relief to the poor, fulfilling the promise of providing subsidy to rice growers or bringing the less developed areas of the province at par with the developed ones, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President PPP Central Punjab in a statement issued from here on Friday
Scottish Labour have, for seven years now, abjectly failed to be an effective opposition, to ask what, apart from warm words and cold promises, have the SNP actually delivered?
In this region, the indefatigable war in Syria, now into its third hopeless year, is causing tens of deaths a day of men, women and children which, abjectly, have been reduced to ticker tape news.
He dutifully offers Jeremy help with any teenage or hormonal problems, but is himself abjectly nervous about a meeting he has planned with a female plumber he met on a dating website.