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In this region, the indefatigable war in Syria, now into its third hopeless year, is causing tens of deaths a day of men, women and children which, abjectly, have been reduced to ticker tape news.
He accepts the criticism from the stands but insists there's nothing he can do when the players so abjectly fail to put his plans and ideas into action.
I have never read anything so abjectly pathetic in my life before.
How that team can lose to Hull City and play so abjectly in the derby is beyond me.
Here too, enthusiasm for freedom and the desire to topple an abjectly failed regime, whose people are impoverished and humiliated, and whose president is wanted by the International Criminal Court, coexists with the fear of what might explode along with the explosion of freedom, that is, the explosion of what is currently repressed inside Sudan's Pandora's Box.
I apologise abjectly and unreservedly to Lord McAlpine.
In his closing chapters, Wright discusses the growth and evolution of the Iraqi Security Forces, from an abjectly corrupt and militarily useless cohort in 2004 to a well-trained and stable entity capable of securing Iraq and providing for (mostly) safe and open national elections in 2010.
Those responsible for safety at the ground had abjectly failed to recognise the obvious dangers and officers at South Yorkshire Police were obsessed with hooliganism to the exclusion of just about everything else," writes Mr Knowles.
When a manager has just failed abjectly at a local rival, the honeymoon period is nonexistent and the threat of mutiny is always near.
The modern, monumental buildings and rooms that the Zurich-born, Berlin-based artist's figurative paintings and objects depict also hold in their dialectical grasp both the duly recognizable and the abjectly alien: They conflate real sites, fantastic rooms, and a fictional city called Huberville.
What he did at Malmo, Neuchatel and the United Arab Emirates is irrelevant to what's facing him now and my overriding memory of Hodgson is him failing abjectly at Liverpool.
However, it appears that the blame cannot simply be apportioned to a small number of people who abjectly failed to carry out their duties.