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Yet the various documents do not lose their abjectness.
Images of innocent children forcibly robbed of life are missing altogether in this de-sensitized version of war; the screams and squeals of the wounded, the sorrow-filled faces and abjectness of widows and orphans do not feature in this war.
In at least three ways, the film deepens and rewrites romantic narratives: in the abjectness of its characters, in its presentations of caring and emotionality, and, because of these presentations, in its interrogation of masculinity.
Leopardi's poetic vision starkly contrasts the present with a glorious past: "Beheld in the light of his glowing imagination, his country's degradation seemed ghastly in its abjectness, while the glories which had irradiated its earlier career beamed its unrivalled lustre from the mountain summits of the past.
Addressing a crowd in Ahvaz on his latest provincial visit last Thursday, Ahmadinejad said the world's evil and arrogant states are trapped in a circle of abjectness and are only making a show of trying to display power.
Rory's sense of vulnerability and abjectness echoes Adrian's:
It makes Becker enter a wager, in which he opposes the Devil's contention of man's irreparable abjectness.
Rather, Blind Man engages in the risky strategy of hyperbolizing extant images of "black underclass" abjectness and "filth and degradation" in a way that so excessively embodies them that their racial contours are revealed as cartoonish, ideological constructs (Himes, Blind Man 187).
The abjectness of crime means it is socially disturbing not just legally transgressive.
Kepesh suffers the fate of experiencing himself in his body as the enactment of a truly masculinist nightmare: the female absorbing the male into abjectness.
It is the position of black people in the aftermath of generational slavery that determines their abjectness and makes Joe Christmas a viable representation of post-Emancipation blackness in Light in August.