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There are some odd and obvious gaps, mostly notably the fact that there is no explicit discussion of the tensions between the religious and the secular elements of sanctuary and abjuration anywhere in the book, but hopefully this treatment will inspire those interested in the topic to fill those gaps and address those arguments.
Records of only two abjurations into these new sanctuary towns were found.
Hunnisett, "The Last Sussex Abjurations," SAC, 102 (1964), 39-51.
Hunnisett, "Last Sussex Abjurations," 43, suggests that the branding replaced the cross as a visual sign of the abjuror's status, but many of the records continue to mention both.
Sanctuary and abjuration of the realm, frequent topics in medieval chronicles, have not been entirely ignored by modern studies.
Abjuration of the realm was the usual result of sanctuary seeking.
The records thus provide the bare outlines of the abjuration ritual.
A richly resonant event, abjuration served the interests of all participants.
Of the 212 individuals known to have sought abjuration in this period, only four were women.
A local official, who hoped that Gilbank's flight from the first church might invalidate his rights in the second, told the coroner to defer the abjuration until Wolsey's pleasure was known.
Like refuge in permanent sanctuaries, abjuration allowed an offender time to plead for pardon.
The act's preamble implies that abjuration had permitted too many people to leave the country.